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Kenny Fleming

I’m a certified fitness professional with over 10 yrs of experience and knowledge of various forms of exercise styles. Instead of one niche, I have combined what I consider some of the best principles and practices from each in order to improve my client’s body composition, mobility, functionality, strength, and self-esteem. I preach action over aesthetics, conscious eating over dieting, and lifestyle changes over unhealthy short term goals.

I enjoy PowerBuilding (Powerlifting and Bodybuilding), Olympic Lifting, Trail Running, and Obstacle Course Racing.


Jaiden Estelle


MaKayla Carr

I’m a 22 year old graduate (University of Memphis, B.S. Health Sciences + Spanish) and Certified NASM Personal Trainer and Virtual Coach from TN. My passion lies in Human Performance/ functional strength training, + I love all things wellness. I’m a firm believer that well-rounded trainers include all components of wellness + that’s exactly what I preach. From nutrition coaching to gaining knowledge with form, technique/ mind-muscle connection, you’re guaranteed to see results with consistency!


 I’m a high energy trainer focusing on improving emotional, physical, and mental wellness, + I expect clients to also be willing to  learn as we begin this journey together. If serious about transforming your physique AND lifestyle habits, let’s work.

Juliana Hunter

As a University Memphis graduate with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, I am woman who walks in her purpose boldly as a Certified Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker. From dancing and running track throughout my childhood to being a student athletic trainer for the University of Memphis in my college days, fitness has always been apart of my lifestyle.


I have a passion for helping others through motivation and empowerment. My goal as a personal trainer is to ensure that my clients are dedicated to the process of taking care of themselves physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. If you are ready for a coach that is going to motivate you to reach your next level, lock in with ME. 

Sam Williams

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