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Are you looking to get back into shape, or take your fitness to the next level?
If so hit the the button below to reserve your FREE SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING SESSION with one of our experienced coaches.


Who is Kenetix

Performance & Fitness?

Welcome to Kenetix Performance and Fitness, the premier personal training studio that is dedicated to transforming your health and helping you achieve your fitness goals. At Kenetix, we offer a unique combination of personalized training and group fitness classes to cater to individuals of all fitness levels.


Our studio focuses on three key areas: lifestyle integration, nutrition, and strength and conditioning. We believe that true success is achieved when these three points are aligned. 


At the core of what we do is lifestyle integration. We empower you to make lasting changes by incorporating healthy habits into your routine. Our trainers guide you in finding balance between fitness and lifestyle, extending your progress beyond the gym walls. Nutrition is vital, and we strive to enhance your knowledge and provide personalized guidance. For strength and conditioning, our experienced trainers handle multiple forms of training, designing effective programs tailored to your needs.

Join us at Kenetix Performance and Fitness and challenge yourself to transform your health. Our dedicated team of trainers is ready to help you unleash your potential and achieve the results you desire. Remember, your commitment and consistency are the only expectations we have. Let's embark on this journey together!


What are people saying about Kenetix


I've been with Kenny for over two years now, and i have to say that he has  transformed my way of thinking when it comes down to working to working out! If it had not been for him and his program, I don't know where I would be


Great training session! Very knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to future training sessions.


Very Knowledgeable and educated on what he’s doing. Custom program to fit any and every body type.

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